Dongcheng Youth Federation Actively Promotes Excellent Talents Recommendation 06-04
  Dongcheng District Culture Commission’s No. 1 Culture Center held the opening ceremony of Dongcheng ... 05-28
  Rich activities for celebration of May Day, Beijing Card popular in workers 05-04
  “My stage for my dream” – recitation, singing and dancing on Tomb-sweeping Day 04-22
  “Health Qigong - Wuqinxi” training class 04-15
  The 82nd “My stage for my dream” themed series of activity for the masses 04-11
  “Drawing the spring” held by Andingmen Street Office 04-10
  “Beneficial Action” for migrant workers 03-24
  Qinglong Festival cultural activity held in Dongcheng District 03-16
  2015 Home service industry recruitment fair held in Dongcheng District 03-11
  Youth League Committee of Dongcheng District organized the young to attend global dynamic dance conc... 03-06
  “Search for Good Family Examples” Activity Carried out by Dongcheng District Women’s Federation 02-19
  Activities of Folklore Seminar and Couplets Writing Jointly Held by Federation of Literary and Art C... 02-13
  Winter-vocation Starlight Self-Care Activity Carried out by Youth League Committee of Dongcheng Dist... 02-05
  “Folk Items Street” Activity on Chongwenmen Street, a New World Crowded by Ancient Beijing Style Ite... 02-02
  Digital Library Enters People’s Home 01-28
  Longtan Temple Fair Invites Citizens to Tell Stories 01-23
  Parks of Dongcheng District Deliver 2D-code Plant Nameplates 01-14
  “My Stage, My Dream”Diabolo Training Session Concludes 01-09
  Audi City Codes New Media Art Exhibition Held in Wangfujing 12-16