National Security Day Campaign 04-25
  The Performance of the Twelve Months Directed and Played 04-25
  Winter Olympics Themed Popular 03-16
  Class Moves to Food and Drug Administration 03-16
  Civilization Post Settles Down in Shijia Hutong 03-16
  Dongcheng Party History Work Office Actively Promotes the Information Base Establishment of Retired ... 10-20
  Dongcheng Housing and Urban Construction Committee Organizes Emergency Drills to Prevent Flood on Co... 10-20
  Live Broadcasting Lecture Through WeChat Voice 10-20
  The 60th Anniversary of China’s Natural Reserves Photo Exhibition Is Held in Wangfujing 10-20
  Dongcheng Youth Federation Carries out Beijing Outstanding Youth Talent Assessment 10-20
  Dongcheng Archives Realizes “One-Stop” People’s Livelihood Archives Service 10-20
  Green Min’an: Planting Green Vegetables on the Top Floor to Send to the Nursing Home 10-20
  Huanghuamen Community Workers Union Holds Fun Games for Individual Business 10-20
  Wangfujing Holds the Promotion and Consulting Day for the “Work Safety Month” 10-20
  Dongcheng Disabled Persons’ Federation Holds Performance of “Celebrating July 1” 10-20
  Donghuashi Sub-district Youth Commando Holds the Promotion of “Power of One and Contribution to Dong... 10-20
  Hope Project Dongcheng Workstation Launches the Application for 2016 “Sunshine for Students” Program... 10-20
  The Women’s Federation of Dongcheng District Holds “Examination of Children’s Eyesight” 04-29
  Donghuamen Sub-district Disabled Persons Federation Holds Photography Lecture for the Handicapped 04-22
  Dongcheng Disabled Persons Federation Organizes Lantern Making Training for the Handicapped of the P... 04-15