Medical Experts to Take Care of Children's Health 06-15
  The Snail Picture Museum Opens for Children 06-15
  the Youth League Ride Bikes to Look for the Beautiful Changes 06-15
  The Water World of the Qingnianhu Park Opens 06-15
  The Choir of the Children's Palace Joins A Cappella Competition 06-15
  Dongcheng District Holds Publicity Campaigns 06-15
  Dongcheng District holds sports meeting for departments 05-15
  Beijing Community Children’s Center Project is set up 05-15
  holds counterfeit money identification skills training 05-15
  Young Volunteers Association organizes the green riding activity 05-15
  Women’s Home holds activity to make the hand cream 05-15
  Primary and Middle School Students are held 05-15
  holds Cultural Creation Meeting on May Day 05-15
  Zhongguancun Dongcheng Technology Park is founded 05-15
  The Lecture on Reasonable Diet Regimen Goes into the Community 04-25
  “Older Students” Take Interest Class in the Community 04-25
  Wangfujing Launched “Dream Factory” 04-25
  Reading Good Articles with Sunshine and Love 04-25
  Dongcheng District Holds the 8th Guzheng Training Class 04-25
  Tulip Festival Opens in Zhongshan Park 04-25