Dongcheng District Free Clinical Service Week for the Health 09-20
  holding a 3-day Bringing Performances to Communities activity 09-20
  Piano Training of My Stage and My Dreams Starts 08-22
  Children Learn to Protect Themselves for the Safe 08-22
  Jingshan Sub-district Carries out the Weekend Lecture 08-22
  The Elderly Care Service Centre out Free Medical Consultation 08-22
  Teenagers Compete with Each Other in Basketball Match 08-22
  Puren Hospital Carries Out Health Lectures in Communities 08-22
  The Event of Drama into the Campus Comes to a Close 08-22
  The Youth Feel the Old Beijing Culture Together 08-22
  The Inauguration of the 7th Children’s Drama Festival of China 07-25
  Medicine Services Introduced into the Community 07-25
  Suzhou Community Holds Charity Auction 07-25
  Hepingli Street Holds Happy Family Exhibition 07-25
  500 Residents Performing Qigong Together 07-25
  Cultural and Art Festival Celebrated by Both Young and Old 07-25
  Students Write, Direct and Act a Promotion Video 07-25
  District Establishes an Autonomous Management Committee 07-25
  Home-based Care for the Elderly Warms the Heart 06-15
  Gratuitous Treatment in Community Sends Love Home 06-15