The Second Dongcheng-Arxan Point-to-Point Assistance Appropriate TCM Technique Training Successfully... 01-04
  Elderly Care Group Provides Various Services for Warm Senior Residents 12-28
  The First Innovation-oriented Platform for Historical Communities Management Was Established in Dong... 12-28
  The 5th Dongcheng Ice and Snow Carnival Officially Started in Longtan Park 12-28
  Inauguration Ceremony was Held for Ditan Curling Venue at Dongcheng District 12-28
  Dongcheng District Won All the Champions of the First Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Bowling Exchange at Its ... 12-28
  Bairong World Trade Cloud Platform Was Officially Launched 12-28
  Longtan West Lake Regulation and Storage Project Officially Started on 14th 12-28
  Pilot Project on Non-road Mobile Machinery Accessing to Dongcheng District 12-21
  The 9th Longtan Ice and Snow Carnival Officially Opened 12-21
  Twelve Craftsmen Were Awarded “Dongcheng Artisan” 12-21
  Quadrangle Courtyard Lecture was Held in Tiantan Sub-District, Dongcheng District 12-21
  “Snapshots by Citizens” APP Comes to Jianguomen Sub-District 12-21
  2018 Beijing Aerobics Championship was held in Beijing Ditan Gymnasium 12-07
  The Tongzi River greenbelt reconstruction project of the Palace Museum was fully completed 12-07
  Dongcheng District middle and primary schools organized environmental protection lectures 12-07
  Dongcheng District established a medical imaging diagnosis center & quality control and improvement ... 12-07
  Dongcheng completed the task of roof greening construction 12-07
  Dongcheng District participated in the 4th Badminton 12-07
  Longtanzhong Lake Will be Built into a Comprehensive Park 11-27