The 7th Happy Teenager Football Festival of Sunshine Sports Dongcheng held in Beijing Ditan Gymnasiu... 01-25
  Dongcheng Safety Supervision Bureau participated in the thematic activity of “Chinese Calligraphy f... 01-25
  Qigu Community of Tiantan Sub-district carried out legal support activities for migrant workers 01-25
  241 outstanding teachers in Dongcheng District were commended 01-18
  Yonghe Culture and Art Center unveiled 01-18
  Chinese Basketball Association’s green space adoption activity held in Longtan West Lake Park on Ja... 01-18
  Dongcheng Business Committee inspected the living-oriented service industry demonstration area in Zh... 01-18
  Dongcheng medical experts went to Huade County to support local health endeavor 01-18
  Dongcheng District actively organized activities to promote the top ten premium “alley keepers” 01-18
  Dongcheng Grid-based Service Management Center/Public Service Center Implement the “1+1” Working Mod... 01-17
  Snapshot App Promoted by Dongcheng Grid-based Service Management Center Bears Initial Fruits 01-17
  Forbidden City Ice Cellar Restaurant Will Settle in Qianmen Sub-district within the Year 01-17
  Dongcheng District Won the Third Prize in the Public Ice Cuqiu Match (Square Space) of the First Bei... 01-17
  The Mascot of the 34th Ditan Spring Festival Temple Fair Was Announced 01-17
  Public Ice Cuqiu Match (Square Space) of the First Beijing Winter Games Was Held in Longtan Park. 01-17
  Dongsi Sub-district of Dongcheng District Won the Title of “2018 Beijing Safe Community” 01-04
  Original Drama Created by Dongcheng Red Cross Society Went on Stage 01-04
  Intelligent Calling System Brought Emergency Treatment to 16 Senior Residents in One Year 01-04
  Zhongguancun Dongcheng Science Park Brings Customized “Service Packages” to Enterprises 01-04
  Dongcheng Health Qigong Team Won “Wuyishan Cup” Honorable Award 01-04