AED Donation Ceremony Held in Ditan Gymnasium 04-12
  Dongcheng Health Committee held Dongcheng Medical Laboratory (Pathology) Center Work Promotion Meeti... 03-29
  Dongcheng Development and Reform Commission attaches importance to “three considerations”, and optim... 03-29
  Dongcheng Social Security Center actively carried out the second round of information collection of ... 03-29
  Dongcheng Institute of Sports Science carried out qualification examination for the football project... 03-29
  The Social Security Center actively promotes the “all-online” process for the enterprises on persona... 03-29
  Longtan Park and Qingnianhu Park pleasure boats welcome guests 03-29
  Construction of the two large-scale parks on the Central Axis of Dongcheng District officially start... 03-22
  Dongcheng Vocational Capability Construction Guidance Center brought vocational skill training to th... 03-22
  Qingnianhu Community of Hepingli Sub-district, Dongcheng District awarded glorious plaques to the ve... 03-22
  Dongcheng District accelerates the construction of the featured dining street of “Late Night Dining ... 03-22
  Dongcheng 2019 Spring Breeze Campaign successfully concluded 03-22
  1. An experience of Chinese ink and paintbrush at the ongoing traditional Chinese painting training ... 03-22
  “Home for Workers in Beijing” in Dongcheng District Opens a Vocational Training Course for Migrant W... 03-15
  “Winter Fitness · Meeting Winter Olympics”, Ice Sports Experience were Held in Jianguomen Street 03-15
  Nanmen Community of Tiantan Street in Dongcheng District Held a Series of Learning from Lei Feng Vol... 03-15
  Four Social Workers and a Team in Dongcheng District were awarded the “The Most Beautiful Social Wor... 03-15
  Beijing Drum Tower Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Beijing Hospital of Traditional Chi... 03-15
  The 12th Plum Blossom Festival at Ming Dynasty City Wall Relics Park was Held in Beijing 03-15
  Time-Honored Brands - Engraving Works Exhibition of Zhao Zhengfu Opens 03-08