Dongcheng District held the launching ceremony of the 2019 “Culture Plus” Creative Competition on Ma... 05-17
  The male chorus of Beijing No. 166 High School held a special concert at the National Centre for the... 05-17
  Highlights work tour of 5-year career guidance in Dongcheng District 05-17
  Dongcheng District Held Sports Instructor Training Class for 2019 Ice and Snow Sports (ice hockey) 04-26
  Dongcheng District Held World Book Day Series Reading Activities on April 23 04-26
  Dongcheng District Organized Citizens to Visit International Horticultural Exposition 2019 Beijing ... 04-26
  Dongcheng District Grid-based Service Center Completed the Community Adjustments of Six Sub-distric... 04-26
  Dongcheng District Organized Outstanding Private Enterprises to Participate in Campus Job Fair of 2... 04-26
  Dongcheng District Strengthens the Safety Management of Fitness Facilities 04-26
  Dongcheng District Opened A New Mode of “Internet Plus Tracing Lost Families” 04-19
  The 2019 Beijing Dongcheng District Intangible Cultural Heritage Exhibition Opened in Fo Guang Shan ... 04-19
  The CPC Beijing Ditan Gymnasium Branch Committee and the Beijing Hepingli Hospital Committee Signed ... 04-19
  Dongcheng District is Working to Remove the Unlicensed and Illegal Operations around the Bairong Wor... 04-19
  Dongcheng District Theme Flower Bed for Beijing Expo 2019 was Completed on April 16 04-19
  “BKS Sports Film Exhibition Series Activities Week of 9th Beijing International Film Festival and th... 04-19
  Dongcheng’s First Smart Classified Garbage Can Debuted 04-12
  Dongcheng Public Service Center Led the Teachers and Students of Colleges on April 10 into Enterpris... 04-12
  Exclusive Sharing Salon “Ideas Sharing” for the New Stratum was officially Launched 04-12
  Dongzhimen Statistics Institute of Statistics Bureau of Dongcheng District Vigorously Promotes the C... 04-12
  The Ninth Willow Culture Festival Was Held successfully 04-12