The First Kindergarten of Beijing marked its 70th anniversary 06-07
  The preliminary competition of 2019 Beijing Health Qigong Site League and Dongcheng District Health ... 06-07
  Dongcheng District competitors achieved good results in Beijing primary and secondary school student... 06-07
  Dongcheng District held the first training session for children welfare personnel of subdistrict com... 06-07
  Dongcheng District Urban Management Committee proposed “Three 3s” plans to ensure the “instant reac... 06-07
  The second preliminary competition of Dongcheng District “Culture plus” Creative Competition was hel... 06-07
  Dongcheng Grid-based Service Center carefully completed the yearbook (2019) editing with whole heart... 05-31
  Longtan Sub-district updated the “three modules” to upgrade alley butler to its 2.0 version 05-31
  Half of Dongcheng enterprises completed the annual report 05-31
  The 13th Ethnic Games were held in Nanli Community, Donghuashi Sub-district 05-31
  Dongcheng Business Bureau organized time-honored enterprises to actively participate in the “2019 To... 05-31
  Dongcheng District actively participated in the Asian Food Festival 05-24
  Song of “Luo Gu Xiang” with Beijing characteristics became a cultural name card for Dongcheng Distri... 05-24
  Home event of Dongcheng District Science and Technology Week in 2019 opened 05-24
  Dongcheng District Education System won four honors of “Dongcheng District Youth Model • Top T... 05-24
  All staffs of the Dongcheng District Cultural Tourism Bureau actively participated in the “Five Laws... 05-24
  “Legal lecture Room” activity was held in Dongcheng District 05-24
  Dongsi Horticultural Station held the launching ceremony of the second season of 2019 mass activitie... 05-17
  China’s first 5G business hall settled in Dongcheng District 05-17
  Dongcheng District promoted coordinated one-stop services of premarital health check and marriage re... 05-17