Dongcheng team won gratifying results in the 8th Beijing Tug-of-War Competition 07-05
  Civilized Behavior Day for a New Era was held in Qingnianhu Park, Dongcheng District, under the them... 07-05
  Promote the “Property Plus Grid” dual dispatch mechanism in “Instant Reaction to the Complaints” wor... 06-28
  Dongcheng-Chongli Districts “Culture Hand in Hand” special Quyi performance was held in Dongcheng Di... 06-28
  2019 Excellent Works Exhibition of Primary School Creative Art Courses was launched 06-28
  “Dongcheng Ecological Environment Lecture Hall” entered Beijing No. 27 Middle School 06-28
  National Health Committee Theme Day Activities during 2019 Food Safety Publicity Week were held in D... 06-28
  Dongcheng District completed the construction of convenient commercial outlets ahead of schedule 06-28
  Jinfan Children's Choir of Beijing Huiwen Middle School held a special concert to celebrate the 70t... 06-21
  Dongcheng District team gained good results in the 14th National Aerobics Competition 06-21
  Dongcheng Park jointed with relevant committees and bureaus of the district to hold the government a... 06-21
  The Youth Amateur Sports School of Dongcheng District has achieved good results in Beijing Junior Di... 06-21
  Enterprises set-up in Dongcheng District was reduced to "one day" 06-21
  Dongcheng District won the championship in the Beijing Citizen Badminton Challenge 06-21
  Dongcheng District organized the “work injury insurance policy into the worksite” publicity day acti... 06-14
  The 2019 spring painting and calligraphy auction was launched in Beijing Hongyubo Art Market. 06-14
  Beijing Enamel Factory Co., Ltd. participated in the Asian food festival activities with cloisonné c... 06-14
  The Foundation Department of Beijing Municipal Commission of Development and Reform investigated the... 06-14
  Beijing Guangqumen Middle School organized “My Motherland and Me” theme class exhibitions. 06-14
  Dongcheng District launched a publicity campaign for July 5 World Environment Day in 2019 06-14