Dongcheng District Brought Drama to Children in Distress 08-23
  Dongcheng District Built New Platform of Social Forces Serving Party Members And Masses 08-23
  Dongcheng District Deepened Water Affairs Management 08-23
  Satisfaction Survey on Business Environment in Dongcheng District 08-23
  Players in Dongcheng District Won 9 Gold Medals in the 2019 Beijing Youth Gymnastics Championships 08-23
  Dongcheng District Held Promotions on Tax Incentives, Industrial and commercial policies in Zhong Gu... 08-23
  Dongcheng Health Commission and Dongcheng Disabled Persons' Federation held a meeting on disability ... 08-09
  Beijing Services and Information Center Dongcheng Branch discussed to construct a data ecological sy... 08-09
  Social Work Committee of CPC Dongcheng Committee and Dongcheng Civil Affairs Bureau organized young ... 08-09
  Dabei Photo Studio carried out summer night promotion activity 08-09
  Dongcheng players won good results in the 2019 Beijing Youth Tournament 08-09
  Dongcheng has made significant progress in channeling non-capital functions 08-09
  Dongcheng Development and Reform Commission made a field investigation on the restoration and upgrad... 08-02
  Dongcheng Grid-based Service Management Center accurately analyzed the work of "Instant reaction to ... 08-02
  Dongcheng District Bureau of Justice actively carried out "Support the Army with Public Legal Servic... 08-02
  The main activity of the anti-drug campaign on the theme of "A Healthy and Drug-free Life" was held ... 08-02
  The First Fellowship Get-together for Social Organizations Across Taiwan Straits opened 08-02
  Dongcheng District Gardening and Greening Bureau organized “Green Plants in Barracks” on the occasio... 08-02
  Dongcheng Cultural and Tourism Bureau brought performance to Huade 07-26
  Dongcheng District held the Graduate Service Month Theme Employment Fair 07-26