Award ceremony of “Culture +” creativity competition in 2019 was held in Dongcheng District 09-19
  Official launch of the “East of the Palace Museum” Teatime 09-19
  Cultural and Creative Fair Opened and “Community Artists” Stalled 09-12
  Bei Xin Qiao Subdistrict Blessed the Motherland With “Remain True to Our Original Aspiration” Theme... 09-12
  Dongcheng District Medical Diagnostic Imaging Center and Medical Laboratory Science (Pathology) Cent... 09-12
  Dongcheng District Bureau of Culture and Tourism of Beijing Municipality attended 2019 China Tourism... 09-12
  Dongcheng District Grid Center Hotline Two Departments Discussed Return Visit Data Dockings of Munic... 09-12
  7. The Bureau of Emergency Management of Dongcheng District Conducted “Six Progresses” Activity of S... 09-12
  Dongcheng District launched the 2015 version of the single cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) opera... 09-06
  37 Landscapes in Dongcheng District Were Captured by the International Photographers 09-06
  Dongcheng District Launched a Healthy Lifestyle for All Activity 09-06
  Further Improve Remote Medical Services and Provide Assistance for Grassroots-level Development 09-06
  “Listening to the Sound of Flowers Blooming – the Story Sharing of the Spring Bud Project” Was Held ... 09-06
  Dongcheng District Carried Out the Activity of Bringing Safe Production Law into Community 09-06
  The FIBA Basketball World Cup Trophy "Naismith Cup" tour was successfully completed 08-30
  Bureau of Emergency Management of Dongcheng District Launched Activities of Safety Production “Into ... 08-30
  The Unveiling Ceremony of the Dongcheng District Cultural And Creative Park Association was held at ... 08-30
  Silian Hairdressing Beauty Center Achieved Good Results in the 9th Beijing Business Services Skills... 08-30
  Dongcheng District Medical Experts Went to Dangxiong for Health and Poverty alleviations 08-30
  Bureau of Emergency Management of Dongcheng District Launched Special Safety Inspection of Swimming ... 08-30