The 2019 ‘National Walking in China’ China Walking Competition (Beijing Dongcheng Stop) and the Fift... 10-18
  SKECHERS store of Beijing Lisheng Sports Mall officially opened to the public 10-18
  The Fifth Regional Disabled Civil Football Competition and Beijing Disabled City Football Challenge ... 10-18
  COL’s April Day’s book ‘Sunk Fish Policy’ won the title of the ‘Celebration of the 70th Anniversary... 10-18
  The Grid Center of Dongcheng District carries out the collection of signs of abiding and popularizin... 10-11
  Dongcheng District held a meeting on the deployment and training of the national authority software ... 10-11
  The Sixth Special Olympics of Dongcheng District, Beijing 10-11
  Opera Dongcheng 2019 original plays telling Dongcheng stories and play and opera showing in the gras... 10-11
  Dongcheng District Makes Continuous Efforts to Promote the Standardization of Response to Lawsuits 10-11
  Inauguration of the Jingzhong Street Primary School Affiliated to Beijing No.11 High School 10-11
  On-site verification of qualification for application for examination on Advanced Social Worker in 2... 09-26
  Community Service Center of Dongcheng District carried out voluntary assistant activities titled wit... 09-26
  Training series were offered to strengthen capabilities of community centers for the aged in Dongche... 09-26
  Increasing efforts keep being made in safety monitoring and controlling of nursing institutions for ... 09-26
  Requirements are formulated for VOC enterprises in Dongcheng District 09-26
  Work arrangement conference on professional participant invitation of the second China International... 09-26
  Dongcheng District offers a series of career guidance courses to nationwide college graduates 09-19
  Hongqiao Market develops experience-based commerce by upgrading and reforming 09-19
  The Oriental Cinda company supports the establishment of kindergartens by sparing house properties 09-19
  Special examination of gas in Dongcheng District 09-19