“Energy Conservation via Green Movement - 2019 Walking Exercise for Energy Conservation Promotion in... 11-08
  Recruitment Institutions in Dongcheng District Participated in the Job Fair for the Postgraduates of... 11-08
  Initiation of the Training Session for Instructors on “Activities for Seniors” in Dongcheng District 11-08
  Experts from Dongcheng District Center for Disease Control and Prevention Went to Chongli District f... 11-08
  Dongcheng Social Security Center Helped Candidates with Examination Registrations through the Speedy... 11-08
  Dongcheng Social Security Center Proactively Promoted the Online System of Social Insurance Declarat... 11-08
  Dongcheng District carried out a law promotion campaign 11-01
  Beijing Municipal Institute of Sport Science visited the float exhibition to celebrate the 70th anni... 11-01
  High-tech enterprises maintained steady growth in the first three quarters of 2019 11-01
  Dongcheng District’s Longtan Zhonghu Park Reconstruction Project has been approved at the municipal ... 11-01
  Science, Technology and Information Bureau of Dongcheng District and Beijing Mobile co-hosted 5G In... 11-01
  Dongcheng District participated in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Fitness Qigong Social Sports Instructor Exc... 11-01
  2019 Dongcheng District Poverty Alleviation Collaboration and Featured Products Exhibition of Counte... 10-25
  Dongcheng District held "2019 Dongcheng District Second and Third Level Training Course for Social ... 10-25
  Dongcheng District Audit Bureau participated in a collection activity to celebrate the 70th annivers... 10-25
  Xinxian Hutong Primary School in Dongcheng District celebrated its 290th anniversary 10-25
  Dongcheng District took part in Health Promotion Sports Challenge of Beijing Citizens and obtained e... 10-25
  Dongcheng District had an outstanding performance in the 13th “Harmony Cup” Table Tennis Finals 10-25
  The media symposium of “Magnificent 70 Years, Striving for a New Era” of Beijing China earth survey ... 10-18
  The ‘Creativity Brighten Beijing’ activity of the 2019 Beijing International Design Week opened 10-18