All Faculty and Staff of Dongcheng Guangming Kindergarten Participate in a Quiz about the Constituti... 12-06
  Sunshine Sports 2019 Dongcheng Middle and Primary School Rope Skipping and Shuttlecock Kicking Compe... 12-06
  Skills Training on Communication with the Elderly Was Carried out in Dongcheng District 11-29
  Experience Day Activity for Positive Retirement Life Was Launched in Dongcheng District 11-29
  “Handbook for Optimizing the Business Environment” in Dongcheng District Was Published Recently 11-29
  The East Lake and Central Lake Were Connected on November 27 in the Connection Project of Tributarie... 11-29
  Xiaohongmen No. 1 Retired Veterans Office Organized Activities for Learning Spirit of Models of the... 11-29
  Cui Hua Lou Restaurant Became the 60th Time-honored Brand Enterprise Certified in Dongcheng District 11-29
  Dongcheng District Sports Bureau Organized Snow and Ice Sports Skills Training for Sports Teachers f... 11-22
  The Dongcheng Social Security Office Built A Smart Service District by Producing a Series of Animati... 11-22
  A Special Recruitment Fair for the 2019 Autumn Recruitment Month Was Held in Dongcheng District 11-22
  The Research Project on Wangfujing Smart Commercial Street Construction Has Been Accepted by Experts 11-22
  The Opening Ceremony of New China Children Store with Time-honored Brand Was Successfully Held 11-22
  The Student Application for the 2020 College Entrance Examination in Dongcheng District Has Been Suc... 11-22
  Initiation of Spoken Drama of Dongcheng District - the 3rd National Spoken Drama Show Season 11-15
  The 15th “Lifelong Learning for All Week” Was Launched in Dongcheng District 11-15
  2019 Phase III Training Session for Medical Technicians of Arxan Were Opened in the Dongcheng Distri... 11-15
  The Delegation of Dongcheng District Performed Well in the 46th “Beijing Go Game Cup” Invitational T... 11-15
  Credit Information Management Platform of Dongcheng District and the Website of “Credit China (Dongc... 11-15
  Policy Introduction to “A Long Journey of Credit Construction - Strengthening of Enterprise Credit” ... 11-15