Mascot of the 35th Temple of Earth Spring Festival Cultural Temple Fair Was Publicized on December 2... 12-27
  The “10th Longtan Ice and Snow Carnival” Was Officially Launched in Longtan Park on December 20 01-17
  Dongcheng District Takes Three Measures to Promote the Registration and Management of Non-road Mobil... 12-27
  The 6th Qianmen Historical and Cultural Festival Kicked Off 12-27
  Dongcheng District Bureau of Culture and Tourism Launched the “East of the Palace Museum” – Wangfuji... 12-20
  Dongcheng Trading Delegation’s Work Summary Meeting on the 2nd China International Import Expo Was H... 12-20
  HENGXIN SHAMBALA in Dongchengyuan Was Selected as One of the Top 50 Chinese Cultural Innovation Bran... 12-20
  Dongcheng District Improves the Medical Waste Transport System 12-20
  Dongcheng District Ranked First in Beijing in the Assessment of the First-Month Heating Supply 12-20
  Bureau of Commerce of Dongcheng District Participated in Surveys for the Time-honored Brands Sheng X... 12-20
  Students from Beijing No. 25 Middle School Act as Docents at Zhang Binggui Memorial Hall 12-13
  Dongcheng District Visits and Communicates with Beijing Service Center for Citizen Hotlines 12-13
  Dongcheng District Determined to Do a Good Job in the Collection and Transference of Medical Waste 12-13
  Beijing Education Examinations Authority Inspects Preparations for Computer-based English Listening ... 12-13
  Dongcheng District Organizes a Meeting on the Scheduling of the City-wide “Looking Back” Inspection ... 12-13
  Finals of 2019 Dongcheng District “Safety Experts” and “Emergency Pioneers” Competitions Conclude 12-13
  Dongcheng District Holds 2019 Training Session for Social Sports Instructors (Skiing) 12-06
  Dongcheng District Grid-based Service Center Launches Barrier-free Environment Construction 12-06
  Groups and Individuals in Dongcheng District Awarded Municipal-level Honorary Titles of Emergency Ma... 12-06
  First Lesson of the Theoretical Night School of Beijing Dongcheng District Emergency Management Bure... 12-06