Chen Xiansen, member of the Standing Committee of the District Party Committee and Deputy District G... 08-14
  Deputy District Governor Yang Kun Led A Team to Survey Guohua Investment and Development Asset Manag... 08-14
  Deputy District Governor Liu Juncai Heard the Report on the “East of the Palace Museum” Project by D... 08-14
  Former Tiyuguan Road Food and Drug Office Leveraged the Strength and Resources of the Sub-district a... 08-14
  Remain True to the Original Aspiration to Follow the Party by Carrying out Donation Activities 07-30
  Ditan Gymnasium Actively Prepares for Work and Production Resumption 07-30
  Dongcheng District Development and Reform Commission Visited China Chengxin Securities Rating Co., L... 07-30
  Dongcheng District Organizes and Holds the Foreign Enterprise-based Promotion Conference for the 202... 07-30
  District Grid Center Builds a Gridding Supervision System for Garbage Classification 07-30
  Zhang Jiaming, Deputy Mayor of Beijing, Inspected the Organization of Senior High School Entrance Ex... 07-30
  Dongcheng District Facilitates the Building of an Online Cooking Fume Monitoring Platform for the Ca... 07-30
  Dongcheng District Issued the First Electronic Business License for Self-employed Individuals 07-30
  An Informal Discussion Was Held by the Bureau of Emergency Management of Dongcheng District and Beij... 07-30
  Dongcheng Science Park Administrative Committee Makes Great Efforts to Facilitate Corporate Financin... 07-30
  “Six Strengthens” Was Emphasized in the Weekly Grid Work Meeting Held by Grid Center 07-30
  A Kickoff Meeting for Planning Formulation Work on Information Development (Big Data) during the 14t... 07-30
  The Epidemic Prevention Supervision Team of District Bureau of Market Supervision Inspected Epidemic... 07-15
  Dongcheng District Held Symposium on the “14th Five-Year Plan” 07-15
  Deputy Head Zhao Lingyun Led a Team to Investigate Barrier Free Environment in Ginza Mall 07-15
  Bureau of Emergency Management of Dongcheng District Strengthened Supervisions on Production Resumpt... 07-15