Classification and Reduction of Kitchen Waste: Say NO to Food Waste 08-28
  Hu Yan Led A Team to Meituan Dianping Integrated Command Center for Investigation 08-28
  Dongcheng District Held a Joint Meeting on Construction of Social Credit System in 2020 08-28
  Mosques in Dongcheng District held Peace Prayer Activity 08-28
  Chen Xiansen Deployed Upgrading and Renovation of Center-closed Cleaning Station 08-28
  Dongcheng District Development and Reform Commission Investigated Neighborhood Renovation Work in Ji... 08-28
  Static Traffic Governance across Dongcheng will Be Officially Included in the Grid-based Comprehensi... 08-28
  Li Weihua Investigated Key Projects and Key Buildings on the Spot 08-28
  Dongcheng District Sports Bureau Urgently Deployed Flood Prevention Work for the Strongest Rainfall ... 08-28
  Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission Investigated Integration of Science, Technology an... 08-28
  Jinhui Listened to Report of Dongcheng District Bureau of Culture and Tourism on Top-level Design of... 08-28
  Dongcheng District Bureau of Commerce Continues to Improve Quality and Efficiency in Safety Producti... 08-28
  Dongcheng District Emergency Bureau Inspected Earthquake Emergency Shelters 08-14
  The District Civil Air Defense Office Organized the Donation of Civil Air Defense Books to the Commu... 08-14
  The Party Branch of the District Housing Expropriation Center Organized Party Members to Visit the T... 08-14
  Leaders of Environmental Sanitation Center Surveyed the Parking Lot in the Chaoyang Park 08-14
  Tiantan Sub-district Adheres to Problem-directed Management and Strengthens Refined Management for A... 08-14
  Qi Jing, Head of the United Front Work Department of the Municipal Party Committee, Inspected Religi... 08-14
  Zhang Yong, Deputy Director of the Development and Reform Commission, Visited Retired and Disadvanta... 08-14
  Leaders of Inner Mongolia Big Data Development Administration Surveyed the Grid Center 08-14