2020 Grand Weekend Stage for the Public in Dongcheng District Kicked off 09-25
  A Delegation of Lanzhou Municipal People’s Government of Gansu Province Surveyed the Elderly Care Wo... 09-25
  Leaders of The Four Key Institutions of Dongcheng District Saw off New Military Recruits at Beijing ... 09-25
  Dongcheng District Emergency Bureau Strengthened the Preparations for Communication Support for the ... 09-25
  Dongcheng District Held an Enterprise Symposium for Technology-supported Innovative Development of C... 09-25
  District Governor Jin Hui Attended the Beijing Theme Day Event of the CIFTIS to Publicize Wangfujing... 09-25
  Dongcheng District Emergency Bureau Emphasized the Safety Demands and Comprehensively Governed Illeg... 09-25
  Beijing Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Steering Group Supervised and Inspected the Prepar... 09-25
  The Former Qianmen Food and Drug Office Supervised the Distribution of Takeaways to Quarantine Zones... 09-11
  Wang Zhonghua, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of Dongcheng District People’s Congress, Vi... 09-11
  The District Park Management Center Organized Local Parks to Arrange the Environment Layout and Cult... 09-11
  The District Development and Reform Commission Visited Dongsi Sub-district to Survey the Block Renew... 09-11
  District Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security Made Preparations for the State Council’s Ass... 09-11
  Leaders of Dongcheng District Inspected the Work of Primary and Secondary Schools on the First Day o... 09-11
  Dongcheng Gexinli Kindergarten Intensified the Training for Teaching Team by Virtue of the Epidemic ... 09-11
  Leaders of Dongcheng District Inspected the Preparations for the Start of the Fall Semester of Prima... 09-11
  Housing Expropriation Center Actively Performed Duties of the Civilization-oriented Post for Constru... 09-11
  Dongcheng District Achieved Excellent Results in the 9th Beijing Tug-of-War Competition 09-11
  Hepingli Law Enforcement Team Well Prepared in Advance to Secure the Beginning of a New Term of Prim... 09-11
  Liu Juncai, Deputy District Head, Surveyed the Project for Construction of Fitness-for-All Activity... 09-11