The Press Conference of 2013 The Temple of Earth, Longtan Spring Festival Cultural Temple Fair Held 01-16
  The Principals of French Paris Bilingual School Visit Shijia Hutong Primary School 01-08
  The district administrator participated in the Orleans Event of the Seventh Sino-France Round Table ... 12-28
  Mr. Niu Qingshan has contributed to the “Discussions on the Arabia States of the Gulf with the Stabi... 12-19
  “The Life Touched with Cultures”, a Theme Activity of Beijing Culture Volunteers for the Internation... 12-11
  The Anti-season Basketball Tournament started off at the Dongdan Sports Center. 12-03
  The reform on free medical care of our district has made four effective breakthroughs. 11-27
  The District Finance Bureau has taken the lead in the city’s financial system to realize the logon o... 11-19
  The performances of the website of“Digital Dongcheng”and the column of “Services of Zero Distance” w... 11-13
  The delegation from Seoul of South Korea has visited the Dongdan Sports Center. 11-03
  Nokia Siemens Networks Technology Services Co., Ltd. completed tax relationship relocation 10-17
  Signing ceremony for operation and management of Beijing Qianmen Taiwan culture and business area wa... 10-09
  Taiwan Ali Mountain cypress culture arts exhibition was opened today at the Taiwan Center 09-28
  Our district won the 2012 China’s Smart City Promotion and Demonstration Area 09-22
  Dongcheng records on folk custom exchanges of 50 Russian families’ visit to Beijing 09-14
  Asset management information system of administrative institutions in our district will upgrade from... 09-06
  Our District is actively taking preparations to construct the “Voluntary Dongcheng” as the informati... 08-27
  The 2012 Beijing International Band Festival Concerts were held in our District. 08-20
  The 2nd China Children's Theatre Festival Opens 08-13
  Ten members of the delegation of Sino-Japan Friendship Parliamentarians Union of Muhei District of T... 08-06