Tanzania's Government Delegation Studied Grid City Management 09-12
  The Third Tournament of China Beijing International Dancesport Opened 09-09
  Low-carbon Cycling Tour 09-04
  The Pictures of Old Building Displayed at the 4th Front door Exhibition of History and Culture 08-21
  Dongcheng District Government Affairs’ Weibo Settled at www.people.com.cn 08-20
  The Ninth Visitors’ Festival of Ditan Park Successfully Held on August 18 08-18
  Dongcheng District Won Honors in Beijing Landscape Technological Innovation 08-13
  Jingshan Street Held the Third Flea Market for Children 08-01
  The Heat and Splendid “May Flower” on Stage 07-29
  The Activity of “The Blind Reading” Getting Better 07-24
  Dongcheng District Taking the Lead in Joining the Pilot Area of Chinese Culture Net TV in Beijing 07-22
  A Group of Four Headed by the Wife of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia Paying a Visit to All A... 07-16
  Music of Beijing Making an Appearance at the Garden Expo 07-13
  Dongcheng District Awarded for National Model of Land and Resources Intensive Use 07-03
  China Network Library Participated in Beijing Fair And Signed Cooperation Agreement 06-26
  Student Representatives Attended the Class of Space Lecture 06-20
  Germany NRW Youth Civil Society delegation visited Sports and Culture Center of Dongsi Street Olympi... 06-17
  District Health Bureau Actively Explored New Model of Geriatric Health Care System 06-14
  The Symposium of 2013 Imperial City Low-Carbon Cycling Tour and Riding Experience Held 06-10
  Seoul Jongno Delegation Visited District Administrative Service Center 06-04