Beijing Dongcheng District
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Tourism and Culture
  Beijing is one of the world famous ancient capital with great histories and culture. As a central districts of Beijing, Dongcheng District has abundant cultural relics as well as being the most entralized area of cultural products and ancient remains in Beijing. Totally there are 137 cultural relic protection units of 3 levels in this district, among which, 26 units of national preserved level (26.8% of the total amount in Beijing), 59 units of municipal preserved level (26.2%), 42 units of district preserved level. The 16 new Beijing scenery, sunrise in Tian'anmen and sunset among the Forbidden city; ancient and mysterious Lama Temple, Yonghe palace; Imperial college, the highest academic institution of the Yuan, Ming and Qing dynasties; Tai Temple with the ancient belief”Ancestor on the left and country's peace on the right”; ancient observatory of Beijing to explore sky mystery, Bell Tower and Drum Tower to tell the time by ringing and pounding; Wen Tianxiang Shrine, red mansion of Peking University and The attractive Beijing courtyard house has earned large fames all over the world! Cultural essence of the Chinese nation represented by royal imperial culture is thoroughly embodied in Dongcheng District!